Research in Biomedical Engineering @ RIT

Biomedical Engineering faculty members advise students in several PhD programs at RIT, including Microsystems Engineering, Imaging Science and Computing and Information Science. Below is a brief description of their research interests. For details on specific research projects, please contact each faculty member directly.

Current open projects for Ph.D. students are listed in our Graduate Studies page.

Thomas Gaborski Thomas Gaborski, Ph.D Dr. Gaborski’s laboratory focuses on the interface of nanomaterials, biology and imaging with the goal of developing novel nanomaterials that lead to improved biological research as well as the treatment of human disease. Understanding fundamental yet complex biological processes requires an ever more sophisticated set of tools. His work in ultrathin nanomembranes creates solutions to the challenges of understanding how cells and biomolecules interact in both healthy and disease states. Even at the cellular and molecular scale, seeing is believing and an important part of his work is imaging. His imaging needs range from assessing the atomic structure of silicon-based nanomaterials using electron microscopy to realtime quantitative fluorescence imaging of cellular processes.

Phone: 585-475-4117

Behnaz Ghoraani Behnaz Ghoraani Ph.D. Dr. Ghoraani’s research interests include cardiovascular engineering and instrumentation, medical instrumentation and techniques, audio and speech processing, signal and image processing, and time-frequency signal feature extraction. She pursues the idea of understanding human physiology from an engineering perspective and developing algorithms that can benefit global health care. Her current projects are focused on a collaborative research with clinicians to investigate the pressing technology problems and limitations in order to find solutions for a successful atrial fibrillation (AF) treatment.

Phone: 585-475-7490

Blanca H. Lapizco-Encinas Blanca H. Lapizco-Encinas, Ph.D. Dr. Lapizco-Encinas’s research interests are in the multidisciplinary area of microfluidics with a focus on cell and macromolecule manipulation using electrokinetic methods (dielectrophoresis, electrophoresis and electroosmosis). Her current research projects deal with the application of dielectrophoresis for the manipulation, concentration and detection of a wide array of bioparticles, from macromolecules and microbes, to mammalian cells. Research efforts involve mathematical modeling to unveil the fundamentals of microscale electrokinetic techniques, supported by experiments that are directed towards practical applications.

Phone: 585-475-2773

Cristian A. Linte, PhD
Dr. Linte’s research interests have focused on exploring the use of medical imaging to generate new paradigms for image-guided visualization and navigation for minimally invasive therapy. Thanks to the advances in medical image acquisition, visualization and display, surgical tacking and image computing infrastructure, a wide variety of technology has emerged that facilitates diagnosis, procedure planning, intra-operative guidance and treatment monitoring while providing safer and less invasive approaches for therapy delivery. Dr. Linte’s research endeavors have employed both technologies (image acquisition, surgical tracking, visualization and display) and techniques (image analysis, modeling, evaluation and validation) toward the development, evaluation and pre-clinical integration of image guidance environments for surgical navigation of minimally invasive cardiac interventions.
Phone: 585 475 4926

Dan Phillips Dan Phillips, Ph.D. Dr. Phillips' main research interests are related to processing of complex biomedical signals for the purposes of developing and enhancing technologies for assistive devices with the goal of improving clinical diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Areas of expertise and experience include embedded systems hardware/software, medical monitoring systems, biomedical ultrasound and applied physiology. Clinical collaborations include neurology, cardiology, surgery and anesthesiology.

Phone: 585-475-2309