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Biological Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Biological Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

This research group is interested in using state of the art experimental and computational methods to both understand the behavior of naturally occurring flows as well as to guide the design process of medical devices.  One particular focus area in the laboratory is blood contacting medical devices; more specifically we are studying the effects that fluid flow can have on the performance of these devices, as well as cell damage induced by the flowing fluid.

This work has led to several successfully funded research programs through government and industry partners that have supported dozens of students. Projects have included the design, prototyping, and testing of implantable blood pumps, the understanding of the mechanism of fluid shear on damage to red blood cells, and the analysis of flow during human respiration and during suction feeding.

Biological Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Department of Biomedical Engineering

Steven Day, Ph.D.
Phone: 585-475-4738
Fax: 585-475-4350

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