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Student Organizations


3D printing and rapid prototyping of biomedical models has seen tremendous growth during the past decade thanks to advances in data acquisition, computer processing power, modeling, visualization, and advanced manufacturing. RIT BioPrint provides students with the opportunity to further their knowledge in disciplines such as 3D modeling and design, 3D printing, and materials testing. The club promotes collaboration and teamwork by fostering a venue for small teams focused on specific, yet multi-disciplinary projects.

Biomedical Engineering Society

The RIT Student Chapter of the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) began in the fall of 2012 with the official chapter title earned in the winter of 2012. Our mission is to bring together those in the biomedical community to work towards a common goal – advancement of human health. The society was established in 1968 with 171 members and has grown to over 80 student chapters and over 5,500 members. National members of BMES enjoy access to three scholarly journals, a monthly newsletter, special interest groups, members-only online content (including career assistance), discounted regional and annual meetings, and much more.

Engineering World Health

Engineering World Health is an international non-profit organization focused on improving the technological infrastructure in developing country clinics and hospitals. First established in 2001, the organization has grown to include several programs, including a student summer program, an equipment design program, and several professional and student chapters around the world. RIT and University of Rochester have formed a joint chapter.

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In addition, The Center for Campus Life has links to many other special interest clubs on campus here.