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Professional Technical Electives

Chemical Engineering Courses

CHME-421 Interfacial Phenomena
CHME-422 Introduction to Applied Rheology
CHME-431 Advanced Separation Processes
CHME-489 Special Topics
CHME-599 3 Credit Independent Study (May be used for 1 Professional Tech. Elective)

Biomedical Engineering Courses

BIME-200 Intro to Musculoskeletal Biomechanics
BIME-370 Introduction to Biomaterial Science

Mechanical Engineering Courses

MECE-103 Statics
MECE-104 Engineering Design Tools
MECE-200 Fundamentals of Mechanics
MECE-348 Contemporary Issues
MECE-402 Turbomachinery
MECE-403 Propulsion
MECE-407 Biomedical Device Engineering
MECE-529 Renewable Energy Systems
MECE-557 Applied Biomaterials

Microelectronic Engineering Courses

MCEE-201 IC Technology (if needed replace with MCEE-601 Microelectronics I, grad level)
MCEE360 Semiconductor Devices (4 credits with lab...for Micro E minors)
MCEE-503 Thin Films
MCEE-505 Lithography Materials and Processes
MCEE-520/620 Photovoltaics

Electrical Engineering Courses

EEEE-120 Digital Systems I
EEEE-221 Clean and Renewable Energy Systems and Sources
EEEE-260 Semiconductor Devices
EEEE-281 Circuits I
EEEE-282 Circuits II
EEEE-374 EM Fields and Transmission Lines
EEEE-381 Electronics I

Industrial Engineering Courses

ISEE-345 Engineering Economy
ISEE-350 Engineering Management
ISEE-787 Design for the Environment (Grad level)

Computer Engineering Courses

CMPE-160 Digital System Design I