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Terahertz Metrology Lab

The Terahertz Metrology Laboratory develops terahertz based characterization techniques with applications in the solar, semiconductor and electronics industries. An example of a metrology under development in our lab is the non-destructive and non-contact measurement of doping profiles in silicon. Another project of significant interest to the PV industry is the development of a free carrier lifetime measurement technique capable of measuring lifetimes from 10 nanoseconds up to 1 millisecond. Far-infrared or terahertz light is also an excellent probe with which to measure the conductivity and carrier dynamics within nanostructured materials. In addition to the characterization of these materials our group is also active in the area of electrochemical fabrication of nanomaterials. We are especially interested in using affordable and scalable nanotechnologies like anodic metal oxide nanotubes in applications like low cost solar cells, batteries and capacitors.