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Chemical Engineering Unit Operations Lab

The Unit Operations Lab provides students with hands-on training with processes and equipment they will encounter in industry. This lab is the home to two essential courses in the chemical engineering curriculum. The first course,Chemical Engineering Principles Lab, introduces the basics of fluid flow, heat transfer, composition analysis, and filtration. This course utilizes components of larger processes. This lab consists of a series of small pieces of equipment/measurement devices that are modules to serve small groups of students. Here, students work with pumps, valves, pressure sensors, flow meters, temperature sensors, heat exchangers, viscometers, spectrometers, and other key components of industrial processes. Ultimately, students become proficient at handling small scale equipment essential to the scale up of chemical systems.

In the second course, Chemical Engineering Processes Labstudents work with major process equipment and integrate their knowledge from fundamental and applied chemical engineering courses to gain in-depth comprehension of reaction and separation processes.  These processes include distillation, absorption, adsorption, continuous and batch reactors, and ultrafiltration. All equipment is state-of-the-art and computer controlled, with LabVIEW as the software interface.