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Student Organizations

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE ) student chapter at RIT started in fall of 2009 and became an official chapter at the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year. Our mission is to promote the chemical engineering program at RIT to professionals, the community, current students and prospective students. Our goal is to offer students insight into the field of chemical engineering by bringing in guest speakers, organizing tours of plants and research facilities and offering students opportunities to meet and network with local chemical engineering professionals. In only three years we have accomplished this goal and more and our growing membership reflects this. Visit the AIChE student chapter page for further information and news about AIChE events.

Our most popular event is the Professional Mixer (see photo below of AIChE executive board and industry professionals) we have held once a year for the last two years. During the mixer, engineers and human resources managers from local companies in upstate New York come to share their insight and network with RIT chemical engineering students and faculty. This is great experience for the students in networking and several have received co-op offers from professionals they have met at these mixers. Attendees have included GM Fuel Cell, Arch Chemical, and Moog.

Members of our chapter have already participated in the Annual AIChE meeting by presenting their research and at the Chem E car Competition. Research activities are very important at RIT and many ChE students gain significant research experience through co-op and independent studies. Alysha Helenic (pictured below) presented at her research at the 2011 AIChE National Student Conference.

We also bring in professional speakers several times a year to share their experiences and meet the chemical engineering students at RIT. Speakers have come from many companies with a variety of backgrounds such as Kodak and Genzyme. In addition to bringing the engineers to RIT, we have also gone on a yearly plant tour, one at Constellation Energy and the other at Kodak. We hope to offer in future years two or more plant tours each year so that members can see how their studies are brought to life in the workplace.

Contact information for the RIT Chapter (2015-2016):




Kayla Prindle-Cassidy

Vice President

Nicole Swimline


Kevin Claps


Elias Owen


Bendan Mendonca

ChemE Car Lead

Eric Kolb

Chapter Advisor

Dr. Patricia L. Taboada-Serrano

For more information about AIChE please visit AIChE website and AIChE-student-chapters.