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Student Spotlight

  • Bria Cherebin

    Although it has only been a year, RIT has become my community and the Chem-E Department my home. The professors are kind and willing to help; even professors I have not yet had. MCAS (Multicultural Center for Academic Success) has also been a huge part of my support system. I joined the RIT chapters AICHE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) and NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) to get involved outside the classroom, and volunteered with WE@RIT. The professional organizations exposed me to fellow engineering students of all disciplines. Through WE@RIT, I introduced high school girls to engineering and all that RIT has to offer. I look forward to future experiences such as going on my first co-op. I know upon graduation I will be prepared to begin my career as a successful Chemical Engineer. I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I love RIT, GO TIGERS!!!

  • Eileen Kobal

    Being in a new program at RIT, I love how connected the professors are with the students. I always feel like there is somewhere I can go if I need help with an assignment or if I need to have a concept re-explained to me. What I have learned in the classroom has been reiterated with the experiences I've had while on co-op, so it makes me feel like the concepts I am learning will be useful when I enter the workforce full-time. 

  • Ryan Foringer

    Being in my final year of study at RIT, I can’t express how much I have loved my undergraduate experience. Originally a Mechanical Engineering major unsure of where I wanted to be, I found my home in the Chemical Engineering family. The best thing about the RIT Chem-E community is that every professor is so helpful and genuinely wants to see you succeed. Chemical Engineering at RIT gave so many wonderful opportunities like getting involved in research as an undergrad and attending AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) conferences in Salt Lake City, UT, Minneapolis, MN, and State College, PA. I even got a chance to live and co-op in England for 6 months for a brewery and distillery design company! Cheers RIT!

  • Samantha Pustulka

    Out of the many colleges that I viewed in my senior year of high school, RIT's chemical engineering program appealed to me the most.  The positive atmosphere here on-campus, co-op program, and the department staff are what made me choose RIT.  Although the department is relatively new, the professors and advisors are excellent.  The professors are personally interested in every student's success and go to great lengths to make sure that the students are exposed to all aspects of chemical engineering and the business opportunities it presents.  The academic knowledge and workplace experience I gained from attending RIT has prepared me for a successful future upon graduation.

  • Shannon McCormick

    Every year that goes by, I become happier with my decision to pick KGCOE at RIT.  My professors and advising staff are always willing to help with homework or projects. Being a four-year athlete, my professors were even willing to cooperate with me and my often hectic schedule. The Career Fair that is organized by the Co-op Office has provided me with opportunities to work for excellent companies such as OSHA and Budweiser. I cannot say enough good things about KGCOE and the Chemical Engineering Department. I am just glad I am in a five-year major because I did not want to leave!