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Today's information age and technological economy is powered by computing systems designed and built by computer engineers. Working in computer engineering offers opportunities for all types of designs and innovations. Some computer engineers work on hardware, e.g., designing the architecture of a new computer, integrating electronics and sensors into a new embedded system, or optimizing the interconnects in a multicore processor. Other computer engineers work more on software, e.g., writing software programs for mobile devices, autonomous vehicles, Internet routers, or controlling the process of the smart grid. Many computer engineers work on cutting edge technologies that integrate hardware and software, for example, by building a network of sensors and cameras that need to operate for an extended period of time while powered on small batteries.

Everywhere you look, a career in computer engineering is a lifelong voyage full of exciting opportunities to innovate on diverse projects with a direct impact on our world. Computer engineers are hard at work designing the next generation of computing chips for smartphones that can do more while enjoying a longer lasting battery life. Computer engineers are responsible for the internet and the cloud-based services that the smartphones connect to reliably. Work in computer engineering impacts the largest of imaginable scales—by designing the sensing chips that enables the Hubble space telescope to photograph millions of galaxies expanding over a trillion of miles—to the smallest of possible scales, by building the supercomputing capabilities that record and analyze the collision of subatomic particles at CERN's Large Hadron Collider to uncover the actual substance of matter.

Computer engineering impacts every aspect of our life. Sensors and networking technology allow for the management of logistics and the inventory systems that facilitate the access to the foods and products necessary to daily life. Vehicles today are equipped with multiple computing subsystems that control the engine operation, breaking performance, in-vehicle infotainment, climate and much more. Hospitals and health care providers increasingly rely on computer engineering systems to provide medical services from administrative tasks to microsurgery using robotic arms. Computer engineers are the ultimate "majors" of the miniature city that is a microprocessor. Computer engineers decide on the number and configuration of processing units that perform billions of mathematical operations per second; they design the interconnected infrastructure between these processing units so they can exchange data at mind boggling speeds; and they build the memory architecture and other peripheral units that support the microprocessor operation.

Want to join this exciting innovation team of computer engineers? Come to the RIT Computer Engineering program to become an expert innovator in the next generation computing systems!!

For more information about applying to the RIT Computer Engineering programs, please visit our Prospective Students page.

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