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First Year Computer Engineering Students Race Robotic RC Model Cars

During the Spring 2013 quarter team of first year students were busy giving autonomous driving capacity to RC model cars and preparing for an exciting racing competition during Imagine RIT 2013. Fourteen teams with a total of approximated sixty students out rigged RC model cars with Mbed microcontrollers donated by NXP and ARM, and sensors to detect and follow a line of the ground. Over a period of five weeks each team work hard at programming their cars to follow as fast as they could a line on the ground marking the race track to follow. The teams counted with the help from CE senior BS and BSMS students, Nick Barlow, Colin Donahue, Michael Dushkoff, Jason Lowden, Ben Mihevc, and Jeffrey Myers, and CE faculty Adriana Becker-Gomez, Roy Melton and Ray Ptucha.

On May 4th, the teams competed during Imagine RIT, in a follow-the-line car race. The race consisted of two tracks with automated start and end gates, that first running in parallel and then crossed each other for a daredevil race challenge. The teams race in pairs, with a first round cutting from 14 teams to 7 teams, a second round that leaved 4 teams. The final round lead to a 3-way tie, with the winner decided using timing results. The students not only won prizes for the race but also for videos they produced and for the car with the best appeal. Thanks to the generous support from the Department of Computer Engineering corporate sponsors, the prizes were 5 Raspberry Pi boards donated by Arm, 5 FRDM boards donated by Freescale and 5 Mbed microcontrollers donated by NXP.

The winner of the best video award shows the hard work, the great results and the fun enjoyed by the students that participated in this challenge: Team 6 video.



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