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Research at the networking and information processing lab
Andres Kwasinski is an assistant professor in the department of computer engineering. he co-directs the networking and information processing (netip) laboratory, performing research on diverse areas of wireless networking and signal processing.
Dr. Kwasinski performs research on multimedia wireless communications and networking, cross layer designs, cognitive radio networks, user cooperative communications, resource allocation in wireless networks, digital signal processing and speech, image and video processing for signal compression and communication. One of his main focuses of research is the application of cognitive radio for the dynamic allocation of networking resources, jointly considering and adapting multiple layers of the network protocol stack. With a background in the application of cooperation between wireless network nodes, Dr. Kwasinski is researching how performance information learned by a node could be collaboratively shared with other nodes to help them make better resource use decisions at a lower processing complexity. Dr. Kwasinski is also researching the application of networking and signal processing technologies in the development of resources allocation algorithms in smart infrastructures. Dr. Kwasinski also conducts research in signal processing methods to extract information from multimedia signals, especially speech. 
Dr. Kwasinski is a Senior Member of the IEEE, serving as Area Editor for the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, managing the publication of seven regular features columns, and is an Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications. Dr. Kwasinski is also the Chair for the IEEE Multimedia Technical Committee Interest Group on Distributed and Sensor Networks for Mobile Media Computing and Applications and had been in the organizing committee of several international conferences. Dr. Kwasinski has co-au- thored the book “Coopera- tive Communications and Networking” (Cambridge University Press, 2009). 

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