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Curriculum - BS/MS Dual Degree

BS/MS Dual Degree Option

The Computer Engineering BS/MS program is an expedited dual-degree program for RIT students to pursue and finish both BS and MS degrees in approximately 5-year period. At the end of their second year in BS degree program, students who have a minimum cumulative 3.4 GPA are given the option of joining the combined, expedited BS/MS program. If accepted, the students will continue their study following the BS/MS curriculum starting from the third year to complete both a BS degree and an MS degree in computer engineering. The BS/MS students are expected to obtain fundamental training in Computer Engineering through the undergraduate curriculum as well as focus on a concentration area at the graduate level through course work and project.

The BS/MS students are scheduled to go on a co-op beginning in the summer of the second year, and they are only required to complete two summer and one semester co-op blocks – one semester fewer than the students in the BS degree program. The students take additional courses to satisfy the MS degree requirement with three courses double counted towards both the BS and the MS degrees. The students are required to maintain at least a 3.0/4.0 grade point average to stay in the BS/MS program. A graduate thesis or project is required to complete the requirements for the MS degree. Students typically begin their thesis or project research exploration in their fourth year at RIT.

The combined BS/MS dual degree program in Computer Engineering will have the students take the required undergraduate courses for the BS degree as well as the required courses for the MS degree, with three courses double counted for both degrees. The three courses are:

  • CMPE-630 Digital IC Design: counted towards CMPE-530 for the BS degree and a Restricted Graduate Core for the MS degree.
  • CMPE-670 Data and Communication Networks: counted towards CMPE-570 for the BS degree and a Graduate Elective for the MS degree.
  • MS Graduate Elective to be counted as a BS Free Elective

Other than the required courses, the Computer Engineering BS degree has 2 Free Electives and 2 Professional Electives, and the Computer Engineering MS degree has 5 Graduate Electives. With the above course counting, each BS/MS dual degree student will have a total of 1 Free Elective, 2 Professional Electives, 1 Restricted Graduate Core, and 3 Graduate Electives.

Restricted Graduate Core:

  • CMPE-655 Multiple Processor Systems
  • CMPE-660 Reconfigurable Computing
  • CMPE-685 Computer Vision

Computer Engineering Concentration Areas

Students in the BS/MS dual degree program in Computer Engineering are strongly encouraged to choose a concentration area from the available research tracks. These concentration areas are designed to provide students the opportunity to gain additional knowledge in an area of particular interest and to prepare for thesis research within the computer engineering discipline.

For a review of the Computer Engineering BS/MS curriculum:

BS/MS Flowchart



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