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Today's information age and technological economy is powered by computing systems designed and built by computer engineers. Working in computer engineering offers opportunities for all types of designs and innovations such as designing the architecture of a new computer, integrating electronics and sensors into a new embedded system, or controlling the process of the smart grid.

Computer engineering impacts every aspect of our life. Sensors and networking technology allow for the management of logistics and the inventory systems that facilitate access to the foods and products necessary to daily life. Vehicles today are equipped with multiple computing subsystems that control engine operation, breaking performance, in-vehicle infotainment, climate control, and much more. Hospitals and health care providers increasingly rely on computer engineering systems to provide medical services from administrative tasks to microsurgery using robotic arms. Computer engineers are the ultimate "majors" of the miniature city that is a microprocessor. Computer engineers decide on the number and configuration of processing units that perform billions of mathematical operations per second; they design the interconnected infrastructure between these processing units so they can exchange data at mind boggling speeds; and they build the memory architecture and other peripheral units that support microprocessor operation.  A career in computer engineering is a lifelong voyage full of exciting opportunities to innovate through diverse projects with a direct impact on our world.

Students studying in the Department of Computer Engineering will find a collaborative community of faculty, staff, and students. Our students come from around the world to study and pursue opportunities to conduct research with faculty who are leaders in their fields. We hope you will take the next step and consider applying to the RIT Computer Engineering program.

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For more information about the computer engineering program or to schedule a visit, please contact:

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