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Waveform Aware Routing (WAR)

This research project, supported by and conducted with Harris Corp., aims at investigating and developing the Waveform Aware Routing paradigm. A network router operating with this paradigm determines the next hop in a network formed by a heterogeneous collection of links configured in some areas as a Mobile Ad-Hoc Network topology.  The next hop is chosen by matching a Quality of Service policy with the known waveform properties for the available wireless links. In making the routing decision, the waveform aware router will need to choose between links of very varied characteristics, e.g. broadband radio, satellite communication, over-the-horizon low bit rate link, etc. The approach is in effect a cross-layer technique that allows mobile devices to perform routing functions and traffic shaping through the control on Quality of Service requirements.  For this project, RIT is developing a detailed simulation based on NS-3. This project is being led at RIT by Professors Andres Kwasinski and Shanchieh Jay Yang from the Networking and Information Processing (NetIP) Laboratory.

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