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Alessandro Sarra

The academic challenge presented to me by the Computer Engineering department at RIT has helped me to confirm that a change in career was the best option for me. Starting work in a new field can make for a scary situation, but the professors and student mentors were consistently available for assistance, providing a friendly and supportive environment in which to learn. My academic adviser was extremely helpful in providing a schedule that I could maintain while still being present for my family on a daily basis, and department staff and career services assisted in making connections for me to a new job prior to graduation.

Amar Bhatt

Five years ago I made a choice that set the course to get me to where I am today- an RIT Tiger! RIT’s reputation for experiential learning and leadership development is what brought me in. Being able to jump right into my major of Computer Engineering was also a huge factor, since I wanted hands on learning right away. Computer Engineering taught me to think about things in different ways and to find more than one way to approach a problem. I am able to do what I love in both the software and hardware world which has laid the path to my future as a robotics engineer for surgical robotic platforms. Pursuing both a bachelor’s and master’s, working for three amazing companies, and serving as the VP of Student Government are some of the reasons I am glad I chose RIT.

Ariana Hong

When I started in Engineering Exploration at RIT, I was not really sure what I wanted to study. However, it became readily apparent to me that RIT was a place for self-motivated students like myself.  The school provided such a wealth of resources and support for students to help them grow and reach their goals as engineers. Once I decided to join the Computer Engineering department, all of the staff and faculty showed an earnest interest in helping students succeed, some even going out of their way to set up mentors, tutors or interviews to aid in student development. Above all, I love the fast-paced and stimulating environment, the Co-op program, the new experiences, and all that RIT has to offer. 

Christopher Decker

I liked the Computer Engineering bachelors program so much I decided to get my Masters in it as well.  The reason I chose to get my Master’s at RIT is, the professors actually care about you and the staff is willing to bend over backwards to help you succeed. Numerous co-op supervisors have been so impressed with my knowledge and practical experience that the next year they requested RIT CE students fill their co-op positions.  Additionally, I have made great friends that I will have for the rest of my life.  If I had to go back and do it all over I'd choose RIT computer engineering program again in a heartbeat.

David Brenner

I completed my undergrad at RIT in Computer Engineering and so thoroughly enjoyed my time here that I decided to pursue my MS as well. I can already see the value of my degree through my co-ops at AMD and Intel, my work experience at IBM, and my current career prospects. Clearly, our industry has a great deal of respect for RIT CE graduates. We have wonderful professors with a good mix of experience in industry and academia. Our labs are always clean and stocked with new equipment and tools. I was even able to publish my research and travel to conferences in Salt Lake City, UT and San Jose, CA to present it. Combine all of this with a motivated student population, on-campus intramural sports and clubs, and, well, that's why I chose RIT!

Jamie Howard

I can't say enough about RIT's computer engineering program.  This program provided me with amazing professional exposure throughout my education and beyond.  Through the co-op program, I was able to apply the skills taught in classes to projects in leading engineering companies around the world.  The year of industry experience which I, as an RIT computer engineer, had upon graduation was also very attractive to employers, and this set me apart from the rest - something vitally important in today's job market.  My favorite aspect of the co-op program was that it provided insight into different job environments and career paths, and let me better determine what I wanted for my own career.  I graduated with industry experience in both hardware and software design, system testing, and device marketing in both large and small companies.  The co-op program, along with industry-driven coursework and professors truly invested in my success, gave me the ability and confidence to pursue my professional goals in engineering, and allowed me to be successful in those endeavors.

Jonathan Szymaniak

RIT’s BS/MS Computer Engineering program has prepared me well for the challenges I’ll encounter in my career, and has instilled in me a dedication to lifelong learning and continued professional development. While the CE curriculum provided a solid theoretical foundation, the co-op program allowed me to apply my skills in the real world and gain invaluable experience. Furthermore, the research opportunities in BS/MS program helped me further develop my critical thinking tool set and gain confidence in my ability to tackle problems without a clear solution. In my mind, the keys to this program’s success are its top-notch facilities and its passionate, dedicated, and caring faculty and staff. 

Kenny Chung

My experience at RIT has exceeded my college expectations.  I enjoyed the fact that the core classes are conducted in relatively small groups such that each student receives individual attention in class. The course content prepared me very well for all my co-ops, during which I applied the principles and concepts learnt in class.  During my years at RIT, I acquired a solid engineering foundation.  The combination of strong academic background and industrial experience has given me a significant advantage in securing a full-time job offer prior to graduation.

Lennard Streat

The expansive curriculum of the Computer Engineering department has placed me on on the path to a successful future career. With this, I have also made great connections with fellow peers, faculty and the industry through my time here. The best thing about the Computer Engineering department is that it functions as a small family. One highlight of my time here has been getting to know the faculty and staff within the department. Most students know one another, and the professors care for the success of the students as developing engineers and as individuals. Truly the Computer Engineering department here is top class.

Lydia Hays

What really grabbed my attention about Computer Engineering was the variety. Not only have I learned programming, but electrical as well, and a focus on the bridge between the two. The best part is that the professors here are as excited about these subjects as I am. From network security to GPU design, there is ongoing research and it is possible to be a part of it. The summer after my freshman year, I researched capturing network attacker behavior in mathematical models. Now, I’m putting my network security skills to use at my current co-op. With the BS/MS program, I am on track to graduate with my masters in two and a half years at which point I’ll head on to my PhD. My goal has always been to become a professor and here at RIT. I have gotten all the help I need and met great role models I hope to emulate.

Madeleine Daigneau

From the first time I visited the campus I could tell that RIT was the school best suited for me. I arrived at RIT in the Engineering Exploration program, completely unsure of which engineering field I wanted to pursue a career in. Now I'm in my 4th year at RIT in the BS/MS Computer Engineering program. The teachers and the other students here are always welcoming and ready to offer advice and assistance with anything. The co-op program is a great opportunity to apply what you've learned in classes and to expand your knowledge through solving real world problems. I'm looking forward to the experience RIT provides for the coming years and to starting my career with all that I've learned here!

Neil Wong Hon Chan

My experience at RIT and the Kate Gleason College of Engineering has been fantastic. Indeed, the community here at RIT is really something special and, there are so many multidisciplinary clubs and organizations to get involved in. Pursuing a BS/MS in Computer Engineering (CE) was the easiest choice that I had to make; to obtain my Master’s in the same amount of time as my Bachelor’s was an opportunity not to be missed. The CE courses are very varied and the classes are never the dreaded auditorium rooms. The professors really care that you understand the subject and the staff has been extremely helpful. Through the Computer Engineering program, I have met some of my best friends, mentors and role models and I feel that I am ready for any challenges that lay ahead.

Riti Sharma

I had a wonderful time at RIT. I came from a different country and adapting to a new culture wasn’t easy. However, the faculty and staff are extremely kind and caring. They are very friendly and always there to help and assist. I had worked in the Real Time Vision and Image Processing Research Lab for one and a half years and got the opportunity to be involved in really innovative projects which helped me gain hands on knowledge and land a full time job after graduation. I credit my advisors for my academic growth and success. They were extremely approachable and constantly guided and mentored me on many levels apart from academics. I learned a lot during my days at RIT and I will always be grateful to the Computer Engineering department for helping me grow and giving me the confidence to face the real world.

Stephanie Soldavini

The Computer Engineering department at RIT is unquestionably amazing. Our professors truly care about the success of their students and the students themselves are all very supportive of each other. As a teaching assistant in a first year level class, I know many students that start CE with no computer knowledge at all and some that start having already done incredible projects. Our curriculum caters to all of these students, teaching the basics to those without prior experience while still challenging more seasoned students. Computer engineering students have a unique opportunity to learn both hardware and software, and the co-op program allows you to gain experience with jobs in both fields to help decide what you want to do for a career.


Tom Knack

My experience at RIT as a BS/MS Computer Engineering (CE) student has been amazing! The professors are engaging and always willing to assist students in need of extra help.   Additionally, I met many talented students from all over the USA and the world in the CE program.  I learned a lot from them and developed life-long friendships. The CE program also gave me the opportunity to conduct relevant research that was both stimulating and rewarding.  Lastly, I participated in four separate co-ops, which eventually led to a full-time position upon graduation.  The co-op program was invaluable and is one of the reasons this program stands out.  There is no doubt that the RIT CE program was the right choice for me. Thanks, RIT!


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