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CQAS Involvement with Industry

Figure 1 below shows the breakdown of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) projects from Green Belts and Black Belts trained through RIT CQAS during the last three years (2011-2013). Although manufacturing still remains a big portion, there has been tremendous growth and acceptance of these LSS techniques in other industries.  For example, the service industry includes engineering firms, financial institutions, payroll companies, software development, telecommunication, transportation, and utility organizations.  The healthcare sector includes dental, hospital, nursing homes, and outpatient and lab services.  In the education field, projects have been conducted in elementary, secondary, and higher educational institutions.

Figure 1

In manufacturing, traditional projects focus on issues in production, assembly, packaging, quality, shipping, and inventory.  There is also a growing recognition in manufacturing companies that major improvement opportunities exist “off the production floor,” commonly referred to as transactional processes.  Those processes reside in the support functions or administrative areas.   Approximately 46% of all LSS projects in the three year timeframe were transactional processes as opposed to product or service delivery. Project examples include business development, customer surveys, product development, forecasting, hiring, information technology, order entry, payroll, quoting, software, and warranty process.


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