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"The program really challenged me to look at our organization from a different point of view.  One would think that the tools that were developed for manufacturing would not be transferrable to healthcare or services, but I would say that is far from the truth.  It is the thinking behind the tools that has benefitted our organization the most along with the support that the instructors give to you."

“The instructor is engaging, easy to listen to”

“Overall, the program was excellent! I really enjoyed it!”

 “I was impressed by the instructors and their knowledge”

“Instructor was excellent; he kept things moving and made things easy to understand”

“The instructor used a lot of real-life examples that ranged across all areas. I really appreciate that”

“Taught me to think outside the box, and look for creative/alternative solutions”

Kaizen Training

Process Improvement Events Facilitation (Kaizen)

(3 – 5 days)

This program can be delivered over a period of time to allow for resource flexibility.   

RIT will work with your organization to develop customized training and an internal kaizen process to address improvement opportunities.  Process Improvement Events are an excellent “hands on” way to engage your entire workforce to make rapid changes that drive results.   A team normally consists of 4 – 6 members and will experience a cycle of activities based on the following phases. 

Kaizen Event Preparation

  • This segment will introduce participants to the process for structuring a Kaizen process improvement event. Team leadership and roles and responsibilities will be covered as well. Interactive Lean Six Sigma overview training will be provided. Through structured exercises, teams will be shown how to prepare for the event as they document current state and their suggested action steps.  Communication plan will be discussed.  The final kaizen plan will be reviewed with company management and project sponsor for approval and guidance. 

Kaizen Event Facilitation

  • Participants will implement actual Kaizen improvement plan. The teams will spend time in the selected work area applying their classroom knowledge to improve operational efficiency.  In some cases, a pilot or simulation of the changes may be conducted.  The new process will be documented in a standardized way and training will be provided. Participants will be responsible for documenting the “before” and “after” changes to their process and quantify all improvements.  Daily reviews will be held with company management and project sponsor.

Post Kaizen Lessons Learned and Coaching

  • The Kaizen team will be required to present the results of their project to management and document all improvement results.  The team will discuss strategy to sustain changes which include audit plan and transition to process owner(s). Team members will review their experience for lessons learned which will be captured and documented for future Kaizen improvement events. In addition, additional improvement opportunities will be identified.


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