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Technical Reports

1999-1J. G. VoelkelSequential Experimental Designs For Sensitivity Experiments
2004-1J. G. VoelkelThe Efficiencies of Fractional Factorial Designs
2004-2J. G. VoelkelWhat is 3.4 Parts Per Million?
2004-3P. Bajorski,
E. J. Ientilucci, and
J. R. Schott
Comparison of Basis-Vector Selection Methods for Target and Background Subspaces as Applied to Subpixel Target Detection
2004-4P. BajorskiSimplex Projection Methods for Selection of Endmembers in Hyperspectral Imagery
2004-5P. Bajorski and
E. J. Ientilucci
Geometric Basis-Vector Selection Methods and Subpixel Target Detection as Applied to Hyperspectral Imagery
2004-6J. G. VoelkelThe APD Method of Understanding Variances and Expected Mean Squares
2005-1P. BajorskiStepwise Simplex Projection Method for Selection of Endmembers in Hyperspectral Images
2005-2P. BajorskiAnalytical Comparison of Subpixel Target Detectors in Structured Models for Hyperspectral Images
2005-3J. G. Voelkel and
B. E. Siskowski
A Study of the Bland-Altman Plot and its Associated Methodology
2005-4P. BajorskiImpact of Material Abundances Distributions on Detection Power in Hyperspectral Images
2005-5P. BajorskiAnalytical Treatment of Detection Power in Simulated Hyperspectral Images
2005-6J. G. VoelkelAn Introduction to R for Windows (MS Word format)
2005-7P. BajorskiAnalytical Comparison of the Matched Filter and Orthogonal Subspace Projection Detectors in Structured Models for Hyperspectral Images
2006-1J. G. VoelkelLocal-Functional Analysis of Variance for Process Models, Mixture Models, and Deterministic Systems

P. Bajorski and E. J. Ientilucci

Statistical Models for Physically Derived
Target Sub-Spaces
2006-3P. BajorskiApplication of Nonnegative Principal
Component Analysis in Hyperspectral

A. E. Wyse and D. R. Lawrence

Combining Successive-Categories (Rating) Data
And Dichotomous Incidence Data:
A Forced Classification Procedure for Dual Scaling


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