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Reducing Variation with SPC

Statistical Process Control (SPC) provides the means for the control of product quality and the reduction of process variation. For success you need to know how to collect data, understand the concepts of variation, select the appropriate chart for your process and interpret the results. This seminar also shows participants how to use MINITAB® to create the charts.

Topics Include:

  • Variability and randomness
  • Definition of “process”
  • Process capability
  • Central Limit Theorem
  • Normal and binomial distributions
  • Special cause and assignable cause variation
  • X and R charts, plus I/MR charts for individual observations
  • P, np, c and u charts
  • SPC using MINITAB®


$350 per person


April 15, 2015 8:30 am - 4:30 pm


To register for this training please follow these directions:

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Seminar registration will be confirmed upon receipt of a sufficient number of registrations.

Please Note: Registration must be received at least one week prior to the beginning of the training program.

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