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Chieh-Chang Hsu

The MS Applied Statistics program has helped me to get into the career of statistics. In my career at the Center for Quality and Applied Statistics, the faculty established solid knowledge in statistics from foundation to the advanced levels, and tons of practical examples help me catch ideas quickly. A series of course projects has developed my capability of professional analysis and interpretation as well as sharpen programming skills in SAS, R, and Minitab. The most attractive part is that the program is in conjunction with Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, and SAS Programmer certificates. The significant training and experience from CQAS has made me well-prepared and competitive for future careers.

Derek Jedamski

I could not be any happier with my decision to attend RIT for my MS in Applied Statistics. This program provides a very rewarding experience and prepares you well to enter the workforce. The applied nature of the program sets you up extremely well to transition seamlessly into the workforce. This includes bi-weekly seminar meetings where you hear from alumni currently working in various statistical fields and learning newly emerging techniques. The program is structured exceptionally well with the right blend of support and challenging material. The faculty provide support beyond the classroom; I have received career advice, interview prep work, and research help from each of the professors. They bring a fantastic blend of experience, expertise, and passion that makes program extremely enjoyable.

Kevin Hall

I chose to pursue a graduate Advanced Certificate from CQAS after more than 20 years (’87 – IPKT) when I suddenly discovered an interest in applied statistics triggered by an extensive work training program. It made me think in ways that I hadn’t thought before, and I wanted to learn more. The department chair met with me directly to determine my interests, and helped me set up a plan of study to fit them. The certificate program’s shorter nature was just the right level of challenge and commitment for me. Taking courses online was a very attractive feature that let me study when I could, which my family has appreciated greatly. I’ve been able to leverage what I’ve learned here quickly and directly into my work.

Kevin Hoyt

When I decided to go back to school in pursuit of a Master's degree, after teaching high school mathematics, I knew that I wanted to be part of an institution with a great reputation for science and technology.  The Applied Statistics M.S. program R.I.T has just that reputation.  In addition to the incredibly knowledgeable faculty, countless helpful students, and amazingly informative staff, the professional work-environment that the program promotes truly benefits me in transitioning from instructing in the classroom, to preparing for my career outside of public education.  I am really happy with my decision and am excited to know that R.I.T will ready me for my future.

Michelle Rodriguez

RIT's MS in Applied Statistics is a flexible model of learning based on applied methods with theoretical backgrounds, allowing students to specialize in the area of interest most applicable to their particular field. The curriculum makes use of cutting edge statistical methods for analysis that are essential to creating a unique toolkit that addresses real world applications. The emphasis on world experiences is evident through the faculty and staff who are constantly integrating their own experiences into the class setting. These advanced educational tools, along with a dedicated faculty and staff, are complimented by a diverse student body, many of whom are international students - a perfect mix for teamwork that truly represents the scale and complexity of our times.

Nick Korach

I am extremely grateful for having the opportunity to spend my graduate experience at the John D. Hromi Center for Quality and Applied Statistics.  This department consists of very knowledgeable professors who genuinely care for the success of their students.  The staff at CQAS ensures that students will be well prepared for the future by stressing a thorough understanding of the curriculum.  The MS Applied Statistics program has only broadened my interests, emphasizing the application of statistical methods to a variety of fields.  Upon completion of this degree, I am confident that I will have the knowledge and tools to begin a very successful career.

Sara Smacher

I’m having a very beneficial experience earning my Master’s in Statistics with CQAS. When I was searching for grad schools, my criteria were that tuition had to be affordable, class sizes had to be small, and the location had to be suburban and student-centered. CQAS at RIT fulfilled all these expectations. Besides that, my professors know me on a first-name basis and are happy to help me out in office hours or with research. I was able to apply much of what I’d learned from the Regression and Statistical Computing classes at my internship as a methods analyst, and thus I’m confident that my skills will likewise be advantageous when I apply for a career in the field.

Subrina Farah

Being an MS student in Applied Statistics at RIT has made me fully aware that statistics is one of the fields that will dominate the current century. RIT's career oriented curriculum, state-of-the-art statistical programming and solid theoretical foundation have helped me build up my professional development. In this connection, I have worked as a data analyst at Building Maintenance of RIT during the summer. Furthermore, I presented a research poster on my analysis at RIT's Graduate and Research Symposium. At present, I am working as an analyst at NSF ADVANCE project and a Graduate Assistant at College Restoration Program, RIT. While working on real life problems, I feel lucky that RIT has provided me with a complete package of world-class methods of applying statistical tool in practical scenario.

Ye Wang

I finished my bachelor degree in interior design in China and my first grad degree in Human Resources Development last year at RIT. With this background, applied statistics has been a challenge for me. However, I find new challenges motivating.  Reading about CQAS and talking with the professors and coordinator makes me feel that this program will definitely help me with my future career. I am also impressed with the CQAS lab which creates a positive study environment for all students all the time. With excellent faculty and support, I believe everyone would enjoy their time in this program while preparing for their future.


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