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Program Overview

Over the last 50 years, electrical engineering has produced unprecedented advances in technology. In that time, radio, television, telephones, microelectronics, radar systems, biomedical implants, laser technology, wireless electronic devices, computer systems, and more have been discovered, designed, and built by electrical engineers.

In today’s society, we are immersed in a technological atmosphere where basic conveniences are powered by many of the aforementioned innovations. We can communicate with others instantly via smartphones, or access a multitude of information just as quickly through virtual platforms. We are living longer lives, aided by cutting edge biomedical technology, and we have more leisure time than ever before in history.

While technologies developed by electrical engineers often provide amenities, they will be pertinent in the future to solving many of the challenging problems of our world, such as distribution and access to clean water, food, education, clean energy, and more. We can engineer solutions to such problems using advanced communications, control, signal processing, power management, and computer systems based on the state-of-the-art semiconductor, wireless, photonic, robotic, and electromagnetic technologies.

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