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A Comprehensive Curriculum

RIT has one of the finest electrical engineering programs around, combining the rigor of theory with the flexibility of engineering practice.  The first two years of the curriculum are devoted to engineering.  Some technical courses directly involving electrical engineering principles are also offered.  The third and fourth years build on this foundation by focusing on subjects that form the core of electrical engineering.  Courses offered in the fifth and final year allow you to specialize in an area of professional interest. 

Cooperative Education

As a part of RIT’s BS in electrical engineering program, you will gain twelve months of paid professional experience to enhance the knowledge and skills you acquire in the classroom and laboratory and provide a professional salary to help you meet college expenses.  The exposure and experience you gain in industry will make you keenly aware of the constraints imposed by the industrial environment on the solution of engineering problems.  You might work on a microchip design team at Intel or develop software algorithms for an e-commerce startup company.  The choice is up to you. 

Senior Design Project

You will take Senior Design I and II in the 5th year of the program.  The challenge is to conceive, design and build a working prototype of an idea.  The typical group size of each team is three people.  This course sequence is designed to help tie together your academic education and co-op experience.  The project also provides experience in all phases of project planning to better prepare you for the workplace.  Some previous projects include:

  • Radar Range Finder
  • Vending Machine Diagnostics System
  • Wireless Voting Tabulator
  • Automatic Medicine Dispenser
  • GPS Navigation System
  • TV-Web Display
  • MPEG-3 Player
  • Portable Internet Shopping Device

Career Outcomes

Due to the fact that RIT graduates are adept at problem solving and have real-world experience and team skills, they are in high demand.  Our electrical engineering alumni work in every conceivable industry, from medical to military, power distribution to communication and financial services.  The computer industry attracts many of our graduates, who are innovators with a track record of success in areas as diverse as research and development to marking and sales. 

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