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BS Electrical Engineering With Robotics Option

BS Electrical Engineering with Robotics Emphasis(.pdf)

The department of electrical engineering offers a BS degree in electrical engineering with a robotics option that is ideal for those who want to be educated within the framework of the traditional electrical engineering program but also want to incorporate the theoretical and practical skills required in designing robots and robotics devices. Robotics is coming into everyday life with social and financial implications. Robots and robotic devices become a part of our daily life as a robotic cleaner or a robotic toy. Students in this option receive instructions in areas from advance programming, robotics systems, principles of robotics, and advance robotics. Students in the robotics option are introduced to robotics systems in their third year and experience designing components of a mobile robot. In the fourth year, they study principles of robotics covering kinematics and dynamics of robotics manipulators, mobile robots, locomotion types, and complete experiments using various arm and mobile robots. In the final year, they take an advance robotics course where they study dynamics of manipulators, dynamics of mobile robots with advance locomotion techniques, and path planning.

Students pursuing a BS degree in electrical engineering with the robotics engineering option must meet all the requirements of the BS degree with certain specifications.

The program includes the following robotics-specific courses EEEE-346 Advanced Programming for Engineers EEEE-485 Robotics Systems EEEE-585 Principles of Robotics

One of the two required professional electives must be: EEEE-784 Advance Robotics