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Analog Devices Integrated Microsystems Laboratory


The Analog Devices Integrated Microsystems Laboratory (ADIML) is a partnership between RIT and affiliate industrial firms to conduct research in the fields related to analog and mixed-signal design and integrated microsystems.

ADIML Research Directions
A central theme of IML research is to explore the merging of continuous time and sampled data signal processing techniques to leverage the capabilities of scaled integrated electronic circuit and integrated nanotechnology, hence the terms "Integrated" and "Microsystems."

research areas

ADIML research will lead to the creation of miniature, high performance, low power, configurable, integrated electronic circuit and nanotechnology systems architectures and design methods for biomedical, telecommunications, image processing, robotic control, radio science, and consumer electronic applications.

ADIML Facilities and Resources
ADIML is housed in a dedicated four thousand square foot facility located in the IT Collaboratory building adjacent to the Kate Gleason College of Engineering on the campus of Rochester Institute of Technology. An affiliated communications control center for space science studies is located adjacent to ADIML and includes a 900 square foot roof-mounted platform for an antenna farm.

The laboratory leverages the resources of the greater institute such as the 12,000 square floor Semiconductor and Microelectronic Fabrication Laboratory and the Center for Integrated Manufacturing and engages university faculty from a range of technical disciplines including Electrical Engineering, Imaging Science, Microelectronic Engineering, and Physics.

ADIML Faculty

The ADIML Industrial Affiliate Program
The Analog Devices Integrated Microsystems Laboratory acts as a forum for university-industrial interaction by providing on-site seminars and workshops and encouraging interaction between faculty, students, and affiliate firms. The products of ADIML are MS and Ph.D. engineering graduates and the development of new ideas and technology in analog and mixed-signal design and integrated microsystems. Top graduate students participate in ADIML programs where they interact with key engineers and scientists of affiliate companies. The affiliate program promotes rapid technology transfer with industry.

ADIML affiliate companies provide financial support, interaction with their engineers and scientists, and access to key resources. Participation on the ADIML steering committee affords affiliate members the opportunity to provide counsel on laboratory research directions and educational content.


  • Professor Robert Bowman
  • Kate Gleason College of Engineering
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • 79 Lomb Memorial Drive
  • Rochester, NY 14623
  • (585) 475-2165 Tel.
  • (585) 475-5845 Fax.