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Communication Research Laboratory (CommLab)


CommLab was founded in 2009 to involve graduate and undergraduate students in various aspects of wireless and digital communications. The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software for signal design and analysis. The main areas of research are communication platforms for bio-medical applications, physical layer security and OFDM. Topics include:

- Body Sensor Networks (BSNs).
- RFID Systems for Healthcare Environments.
- Channel Modelling for On-Body and Inner-Body Communication.
- Secure and Reliable Communication with resources-constrained devices.
- Applying wireless physical layer security to existing standards.
- Improving power amplifiers efficiency in OFDM based systems.

Recent Research Projects

• Prototyping of a Wireless Personal Area Network for Personal Status Monitoring with Application to Wireless ECG
Sponsor: Blue HighWay (a Welch Allyn company) ; 2010-2013
Gill R. Tsouri (PI)
• RFID Monitoring in Healthcare Environments
Sponsor: Rochester General Health System (RGH) & RIT ; 2009
Ed Walsh (PI) & Gill R. Tsouri (PI)
• Theoretical analysis and prototyping of a symmetric key generator based on channel randomness
Sponsor: RIT; Ongoing
Gill R. Tsouri (PI)
• Personal Area Network Platform for Health Status Monitoring Applications
Sponsor: Blue HighWay (a Welch Allyn company) ; 2009
Gill R. Tsouri (PI)


• Adrian Sapio (MSc 2010) - Thesis: Low Power Body Sensor Network Design Based on Relaying of Creeping Waves in the Unlicensed 2.4GHz Band
• Michael Pecoraro (BSMS 2010) - Thesis: Channel Modelling for Inner-Body Communication. Co-supervised with Dr. Venkataraman and Dr. Dianat.
• Ryan Johnson (MSc 2010) - Grad Paper: Radio Identification Technologies in Healthcare with Applications for Handwashing Compliance Monitoring.
• Neil Pinto (BSMS 2010) - Grad Paper: Initial Hardware Simulations of an Encryption Key Generator using Reciprocal Carrier-Phase Quantization.
• Shravan Kumar Raghunathan (MSc 2010) - Grad Paper: A Survey of Efficient Secret Key Management Schemes in Wireless Sensor Networks
• Manikandan Ganesan (MSc 2010) - Grad Paper: Wireless and Powerline Sensor Networks - Comparative Study


Dr. Gill R Tsouri
Phone: (585) 475 6452