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BS Program : Co-op Policy

A minimum of 2 semesters and 2 summers of cooperative education, integrated throughout
the academic course of study, is required. Co-op experiences are
approved through the co-op office or through the department (if not
listed by the co-op office). 

“… and internationally too!”

Students should register for co-op on SIS and with the co-op office (Job Zone), which triggers evaluation forms to be sent to the employer. To receive credit for co-op, a student should:

  • Complete on-line student co-op evaluation form and print out for review
  • Submit forms to department office
  • Review student evaluation and employer evaluation with department personnel as needed

The following coop schedule must be followed:


Year Fall
Spring Summer
1 School
School Vacation
2 School
School Vacation / Co-Op
3 Co-op
School Co-op
4 School
School Co-op
5 Co-op