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BS Electrical Engineering with Wireless Communication Option

BS Electrical Engineering with Wireless Communication Option Course Sequence PDF

The wireless communications option is ideal for those who want to be
educated within the framework of the traditional electrical engineering
program, but also want to incorporate the theoretical and practical skills
required for understanding, designing and evaluating wireless communication
systems. Wireless communications is a critical enabling technology for many
modern products and services. Examples include: mobile telephony, remote
internet access, consumer electronics, medical devices and location based
services. Students in the wireless communications option take an introductory
course addressing wireless communications from a systems perspective. The
course covers modern products and services enabled via wireless communication.
In the two years that follow, the students take a course sequence covering
analog communication, digital data communication and communication over
wireless channels. This sequence builds a core of knowledge in the transmission
of signals to carry information wirelessly in various practical scenarios. The
sequence is complemented with a course covering basic principles in
communication networks and the Internet.