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MEMs and Microfludics

Faculty members in the EE department at RIT are engaged in research in the areas of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and Microfluids. Their research papers will be periodically posted to this site.

Dr. Sergey Edward Lyshevski Areas of Research (.pdf)

Microfluidics (.pdf)

Core Faculty

Research Areas

  • Nano- and Micro-Electromechanical Systems, Nano- and Microsystems, Nanoarchitectronics
    • Synthesis, design, analysis, and optimization of novel NEMS, MEMS, nano- and microsystems
    • Intelligent large-scale Microsystems
    • Motion micro- and nanodevices, smart micro- and nanostructures
    • Biomimetics and bionanoarchitectronics with application to nano- and microsystems
    • Nanocomputers and their components: Reconfigurable defect-tolerant nanocomputer architectures and three-dimensional nanoarchitectronics
    • Fabrication, applications, and implementation of NEMS, MEMS, nano- and Microsystems
  • Systems Theory, Systems Intelligence, Informatics, and Optimization
    • Systems and information theories with applications
    • Design, diagnostics, analysis, optimization, and modeling of complex large-scale systems
    • Control and analysis of nano- and microsystems, NEMS, MEMS and electromechanical systems

Future Strategic Research Emphasis and Milestones
Nanotechnology, Advance theories and frontiers of micro- and nanosystems, Nanocomputers, NanoICs and Nanoelectronics, Intelligent and expert hierarchical distributed large-scale nano- and microsystems

Research Milestones

  1. Three-Dimensional Nanoelectronics, NanoICs and Nanoarchitectronics for NanoICs and Nanocomputers (three-dimensional multi-layered high-density nanoIC assemblies with crossbar switching, logic and memory arrays became a reality. Figures illustrate: Moor's first law, evolution of nanoelectronics and nanoICs, three-dimensional nanoICs and doped fullerenes structure)
  2. Nano- and Micromachines and Motion Nanodevices: Approaching Reality (fundamental physics and biomimetics: nanomachines exist in nature in enormous variety and sophistication. Figure illustrates E.coli nanobiomotor, nanobiomotor - coupling - flagella complex with different proteins and rings, rotor image, micromotor, and possible applications)

mems mems

Application-Specific Research
Underwater and flight microvehicles with MEMS