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Engineering Design Laboratory

GLE - 2271
Mario Gomes
Senior Lecturer

This Design Studio Laboratory was created fall semester of 2013 specifically to support the freshman course MECE-104 Engineering Design Tools. In this class, teams of three to four students design, build, and test an autonomous music playing machine from a provided kit of raw materials. Students brainstorm many possible solutions to the design challenge and then use self-selected criteria to support their choice of design. They use engineering analysis to determine the 1st mode of vibrations for a metal chime and then test their predications by performing tests and recoding the sound made by striking the chime and doing frequency analysis on that data. They then hand sketch their design and use a 3D parametric CAD software to perform their detailed design. They then build their device and program a provided microcontroller to allow their machine to play a song of their choice. The design/build/test project is one of the main components of this course and a space was needed to allow students to work as teams doing light fabrication, wiring, programming, and debugging. The teams also needed a location to meet and discuss their projects as well as store their materials. Finally, the student teams use this room to for poster presentations and demonstrations of their devices at the end of the semester and in the spring semester at Imagine RIT.

Equipment available to students: A variety of light fabrication tools such as hand saws, screwdrivers, clamps, miter blocks, files, sandpaper, drills, drill bits, deburring tools, hot glue guns, pliers, hammers, wire strippers, pipe cutters, etc. Each team had access to four custom-made electrical boxes: a manual motor testbox, a manual solenoid testbox, a program testbox, and a final testbox, all for testing and debugging their hardware and software designs.

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