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Digital Computer Organization Laboratory


The Digital Computer Organization Laboratory houses the laboratory teaching for CMPE-160 Digital Systems Design I, CMPE-250 CMPE-260 Digital Systems Design II, CMPE-240 Engineering Fundamentals of Computer Systems, CMPE-250 Assembly Language Programming, and CMPE-460 Interface and Digital Electronics. Its mission is to teach students the digital systems design principles and practices. The Digital Computer Organization Lab consists of 24 workstations each with an AMD dual core 4600+ Processor and 3 GB RAM. All workstation hosts 50+ GB of software including Matlab, Altera, Cadence, Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, and Model Sim. Additional hardware at each workstation consists of Agilent Power Supplies and 6-point Multimeter, an Elenco Power Supply, a Tektronix 100 MHz 2-color, 2-channel Oscilloscope and an Instek Function generator. These workstations also have a hand held Fluke 111 multimeter.

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