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NXP Embedded Systems Laboratory


The NXP Embedded Systems Laboratory is supported with a series of gifts from Freescale. Its primarily mission is to teach students embedded systems design and applications. It is used for laboratory teaching for CMPE-160 Digital Systems Design I, CMPE-250 CMPE-260 Digital Systems Design II, CMPE-240 Engineering Fundamentals of Computer Systems, CMPE-250 Assembly Language Programming, and CMPE-460 Interface and Digital Electronics. The Freescale Embedded Systems Laboratory consists of 24 workstations each with an Intel core i5 64bit 3.20GHz processor and 4 GB RAM. All workstation hosts 50+ GB of software including Matlab, Altera, Cadence, Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, and Model Sim. Additional hardware at each workstation consists of Agilent Power supplies and 6-point multimeter, an Elenco power supply, Agilent 7000 series 2-color 2-channel Oscilloscope and an Instek Function generator. These workstations also have a hand held Fluke 115 true RMS multimeter. This lab has a high end ceiling mounted Hitachi projector with JBL speakers.

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