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Human Performance Lab

Matthew Marshall
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, Associate Professor

The Human Performance Lab (HPL) is used to support course-related activities in the areas of ergonomics and human factors. Throughout the courses, students are given laboratory or homework assignments that require collecting data using the equipment in the HPL. Some assignments require that the students collect data while inside the lab, while other assignments require the students to sign out a particular piece of equipment to collect data in other locations. Generally these assignments require students to work in groups, so the space is also used as a location for students to work in small groups. There is also a collection of textbooks and journals in the lab that students use as reference sources when developing their written reports.

Courses that take advantage of this lab include: ISEE 330 Ergonomics and Human Factors, as well as professional electives – ISEE 730 Biomechanics, ISEE 731 Advanced Human Factors and ISEE 732 Systems Safety.  The lab is also used to support numerous human performance-related senior design projects that have elements that warrant collection of the necessary data used to develop and/or test their designs.  The HPL is also used to support a number of different applied research projects. While these projects are primarily in support of the scholarship of the lab director, undergraduate students benefit because they have the opportunity to assist with, and participate in, these experiments. In some cases, this exposure has resulted in students deciding to obtain their graduate degree at RIT.

The Lab has the following equipment to support related courses:

  • Electromyography System (electrodes, preamplifiers, amplifiers, and accessories)
  • Strain Gage Dynamometer and Amplifier Tektronix Oscilloscope
  • Pro-Form Treadmill
  • Chatillon Push/Pull Dynamometer, Grip Strength Dynamometer
  • Reuter-Stokes Heat Stress Monitor, Reuter-Stokes Micro-Psychrometer (RSS-230)
  • Sekonic Light Meter, Quantum Instruments Photo-Meter 1 Light Meter
  • Sensormedic VMaxST Metabolic Cart
  • Polar Vantage XL Heart Rate Monitor and Data Logger
  • Sound Level Meter CEL 254
  • 10- Biometrics Electrogoniometers
  • PCs with Data Acquisition and Video Capture Boards
  • BTE Work Simulator for measuring human strength
  • Mark-10 Cap Torque Tester
  • Chatillon MSC Digital Force Gauge
  • Course-specific software for Ergonomic/Human Factors/Work Measurement (purchased or developed in-house) for analysis (e.g., NIOSH Lifting Guidelines, MOST predetermined time system, 3DSSPP Biomechanical Software), and demonstration of various principles (Hick’s law, Fitt’s Law, etc.)
  • Stop watches
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