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NanoBio Device Laboratory

Thomas Gaborski
Associate Professor

The Gaborski Lab focuses its research in the applied field of NanoBio Devices. We work at the interface of nanomaterials, biology and imaging. We work with silicon-based membranes as thin as 5 nm that are used in variety of fields from electron microscopy to portable hemodialysis. Using these thin membranes, as well as others, we build novel cellular devices with applications ranging from the study of cell-cell interactions in stem cell differentiation to high throughput microarray drug assays. We also develop low-cost rapid prototyping of microfluidic channels and pumps for devices such as portable blood analyzers. For more information, please visit:

Funding and Support: The NanoBio Device Laboratory gratefully acknowledges funding from the New York State Center for Emerging and Innovative Sciences, and SiMPore Inc.

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