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Print Research and Imaging Systems Modeling Laboratories

GLE -1564
CAR - A120

The Print Research and Imaging Systems Modeling (PRISM) laboratories serve as a conduit between industry and academia, working to evaluate and anticipate the print systems research needs of printer and printing product companies, and directing relevant projects to researchers and students in the areas of printers & displays, color science, vision science, systems engineering, and printing. The focus of the labs is multi-disciplinary projects that involve developing models of printing systems that are to be used by the developers of these systems to make product architecture and business decisions. There are two lab facilities, approximately 800 sq. ft. in the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science, and approximately 100 sq. ft. in the Kate Gleason College of Engineering.


  • Printer System Development & Characterization: The predominant print technology expertise is in electrophotography
  • 3D Printer System Development & Characterization: Investigation into the use of electrophotography as an additive manufacturing process
  • Sustainable Printing: Investigation into the needed systems sustainability modeling & characterization and technology improvements
  • Toner Optics: Investigation of the interaction between the fusing process and material properties of toners as well as meaningful measurement of gloss and gloss variation.
  • Image Quality: Analysis of the image quality differences between digital printing technologies and offset lithography


  • A variety of color laser printers
  • An electrophotographic linear test-bed
  • Fusing test-beds
  • A microgoniophotometer
  • Optical measurement equipment, including a variety of cameras
  • High-voltage power supplies and measurement equipment
  • High temperature oven
  • Environmental chamber
  • Contact profilometer
  • Toner cartridge tear-down chamber
  • Variety of motors, controllers and vacuum pumpsĀ 
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