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Systems Lab

Systems Lab
Mark Kempski

The Systems Studio Laboratory in mechanical engineering is a hallmark facility providing an innovative lecture and hands-on learning environment within the department. The laboratory is equipped to provide faculty and students with a teaching-learning venue to explore theoretical, experimental, and/or computer simulation facets of various technical courses including System Dynamics, Control Systems, Intermediate Control, Advanced Control, Engineering Vibrations, Intermediate Vibrations, Flight Dynamics, and Orbital Mechanics.

Fourteen (14) student workstations exist in the Systems Lab where students work in pairs on various laboratory exercises. Each workstation has a computer equipped with 17-inch flat panel monitor, National Instruments data acquisition hardware and software (LabVIEW), MathWorks software (MATLAB/SIMULINK), as well as, Microsoft Office, various other software offerings, and 100-Base internet access. Each workstation is also equipped with Agilent Oscilloscope and Arbitrary Waveform/Function generator, triple-output power supplies by Hewlett-Packard and Instek, and Tektronix Multimeter. 

Dr. Kempski is responsible for the creation, development, and direction of the Systems Studio Laboratory. The laboratory was established in 1989 through National Science Foundation grant USE-8852420, and supported since by RIT and corporate philanthropy provided by Hewlett-Packard Corporation.

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