Team Updates

  • 12:48 AM Nov 30th
    Shout out to TeXtreme for their huge donation of Spread Tow carbon fiber! Thanks for your support, all of this...
  • 4:32 PM Nov 19th
    RIT Racing is now on snapchat! Add RIT_Racing
  • 3:31 PM Nov 19th
    A lot of our members went home for break already but we still enjoyed team Thanksgiving last night at Formula House!
  • 3:09 AM Nov 11th
    Thanks to Bosch Global for the tours and info sessions on motorsports! Our engine group learned many things to...
  • 6:43 PM Oct 29th
    I posted a new video to Facebook
  • 1:43 AM Oct 28th
    Shout-out to Texense for their sponsorship on some tire and brake temp sensors! Looking forward to collecting...