Tech Specs


Engine Honda CBR 600 F3
Fuel Type 100 octane
Max Power Design 10500 RPM - 75 hp
Max Torque Design 7100 RPM - 43 ft-lb
Fuel System RIT designed / built, MoTeC ECU engine management
Intake Plenum Volume & Runner 1800 cc, 7-12in runner length
Muffler RIT designed / built single pass dissipative, carbon fiber shell
Drive Type Single reduction chain type
Differential Type Limited-slip, Torvec ISOTorque gearset Differential, 8:1 TBR


Rotors 525 degree operating temp compliments pad's peak friction
Ti 6AI-4V floating rotor hardware
Calipers Front: 0.63lb
Rear: 0.39lb
Uprights CNC machined 7000 series aluminum, integral caliper mounts


Seat EPS/ Epoxy Composite Seat
Shift Actuator Electropneumatic paddle shifter
Clutch Actuator Hand actuated hydraulic


Type Double unequal length non-parallel a-arms with adjustable anti-roll bars
Tires Goodyear Eagle 2696 Tires
Wheels Keizer 7x13in Shells


Aerodynamics Lightweight cored-carbon composite undertray
Downforce and Drag 162 of downforce at 70mph, L/D 7:1


Wheelbase 61in
Weight 438lbs
Frame Construction Steel tube frame/td>
Bare Frame Weight 66.5lbs
Track Width 50in front, 48in rear