Tech Specs


Engine Yamaha YZF - R6R
Specifications 4 cylinder
Fuel Type 100 octane
Fuel System RIT designed / built
Muffler RIT designed / built single pass dissipative, carbon fiber shell
Drive Type Single reduction chain type
Differential Type Limited-slip, Torvec ISOTorque gearset Differential, 8:1 TBR
Final Drive Ratio 3.82


Rotors Front: radially vented: floating, A36 steel, hub mounted, 7.5in diameter, cross drilled
Rear: floating, A36 steel, hub mounted, 6.6in diameter, cross drilled
Calipers Front: custom dual piston 1.05in diameter, fixed mounting
Rear: custom dual piston 0.74in diameter, fixed mounting
Uprights CNC machined 7000 series aluminum, integral caliper mounts


Seat Cutom beat form
Shift Actuator Electropneumatic paddle shifter
Clutch Actuator Hand actuated hydraulic


Type Double unequal length non-parallel a-arms with adjustable anti-roll bars
Tires 18x7-10 LC0 Hoosier
Wheels 7in Wide 3-pc aluminum


Aerodynamics Lightweight cored-carbon composite undertray
Downforce and Drag Ratio of 7:1


Wheelbase 62in
Weight 450lbs
Frame Construction Stell tube frame
Bare Frame Weight 66lbs
Track Width 48in front, 46.5in rear