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Faculty working in the Healthcare research apply the fundamental knowledge of their respective engineering disciplines to health-related areas; with research projects focused on the technological challenges inherent in developing enhanced imaging systems, assistive devices systems, methodologies to diagnose and treat diseases, physiological modeling, design of separation and bioanalytical systems for clinical applications, and optimization of the delivery and quality of healthcare processes and services. It is easy to envision such projects engaging an interdisciplinary team of students as healthcare encompasses research activities in all of the KGCOE departments as well as other colleges at RIT.

Faculty active in Healthcare research:

  • Iris Asllani:  multi-modal fMRI methods for applications in neuroscience and clinical research
  • Daniel Phillips:  biomedical instrumentation, signal processing and visualization
  • Thomas Gaborski:  nanomaterials, separations, cellular mechanics
  • Mehran Mozaffari Kermani:  cryptographic engineering, embedded systems security, reliability of cryptosystems, secure ASIC/FPGA design
  • Ruben Proano:  operations research, logistics/supply chain management
  • Elizabeth DeBartolo:  fatigue and fracture mechanics, materials performance
  • Kathleen Lamkin-Kennard:  biomedical engineering, multi-physics systems modeling
  • Blanca Lapizco-Encinas:  microfluidics, micro-scale electrokenitics and biosperations
  • Steven Day:  bioengineering, implantable devices, fluids in biosystems
  • Michael Schrlau:  bioengineering and microsystems
  • Michael Schertzer:  bioengineering and microsystems
  • Behnaz Ghoraani:  biomedical signal analysis, pattern recognition in cardiac electrophysiology, biomedical instrumentation
  • Cristian Linte:  biomedical imaging and processing, augmented/virtual and mixed reality environments, intra-operative navigation, biomechanics
  • Reginald Rogers:  carbon nanotubes, adsorption, batteries
  • Risa Robinson:  bioengineering, aerosol transport in biological systems
  • Michael Kuhl:  systems simulation


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