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Industry Partners

We have many strong supporters, a few of them are highlighted above with their logos. You'll see more on the individual program sites as well.

In addition to our co-op partners, the College engages industry in a variety of ways.

Each degree program has an advisory board with whom they meet regularly to ensure that our academic programs are providing a curriculum that is current with industry needs and standards. These boards also help the college identify external funding opportunities and support. Board members come from a wide variety of industries and some are alums of the programs boards on which they serve.

The Dean’s Advisory Council serves to advise the Dean on overall direction and strategic planning for the College. All members are engineers by education and many are entrepreneurial in spirit and action.

Senior Design (include link to multidisciplinary senior design site), a two term sequence course that all KGCOE seniors take provides another avenue for us to involve industry. This course sequence prepares students for modern engineering practices. Students work in teams, often multidisciplinary, with corporate sponsors on real-world engineering problems. They define and analyze the problem, then design solutions within customer requirements and constraints. Students have worked on a wide variety of projects over the years – here a just a few titles that provide a sense of the depth and breadth of senior design:

  • Navigation Aid for the Blind
  • Wireless Power Transmission Through the Skin
  • Moog Flight Simulator
  • Wind Energy Collection to Energy Bank
  • Photovoltaic Energy Housing
  • Near Space Solar Power Conditioning
  • Next Generation Charcoal Stove for Haiti
  • Green Sauna
  • Wegman’s Freezer Inventory Management
  • Intra-building Navigation Device
  • Dresser Rand Wellsville Ventilator Factory
  • Cheesecake Water Dosing
  • Monitoring Device for Human Smoking Behavior

Also see: Corporate Gateway - A few of our industry partners

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