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  ESW Meeting: First meeting of the year! Gordon Atrium (building 9)
September 6, 2006, starting at 6:00 pm.
  GM Fuel Cell Demonstration in RIT the Erdle commons in building 9.
February 21, 2006, starting at 3:30 pm (more).
  ESW Pizza Sale on Fridays (1/20/06),(1/27/06) and (2/03/06) in the Erdle Commons Building 9.
  UV Tubes Workshop was held with great success on Sat Jan 14th. Presented by Sarah Brownell (more).
  ESW Mini Expo come and learn about us! Monday Oct 24th (8-9 pm SAU Clark C) and Wed Oct 26th (2-3 pm Engineering Atrium). Free pizza and Soda! (more).
171  Hours of Volunteer Work


Engineers for a Sustainable World welcomes anyone interested in socially and environmentally conscious development. We hope you will join our club and begin improving awareness and practices of sustainability. For more information please contact  Jim Cezo.

RIT Chapter Mission

To involve the students in hands-on experience and projects that will ultimately improve sustainability worldwide.

ESW Goals are to:

  • Mobilize engineers to address the unique challenges of developing communities and to promote global sustainability.
  • Build social capital by creating multi-sector partnerships and increasing local ownership of community development programs.
  • Educate a generation of engineers to have greater understanding of global issues and the ways technology can be employed for human progress.
  • Promote a positive image of engineering through outreach, service, and international goodwill.


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