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Vision, Mission & Values

The Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) Mission and Vision are intended to align with the overall mission of the Kate Gleason College of Engineering (KGCOE) at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).


Provide ISE education that integrates experiential learning and applied research, with a student centered approach, resulting in graduates who make immediate and long-lasting contributions in manufacturing, service, government, and academia.


The RIT ISE Department is globally recognized for graduates who are highly sought after due to their ability to solve problems and transform organizations.  Our graduates, along with research performed by our students and faculty, positively impact the quality and competitiveness of manufacturing and logistics, the efficacy of health care, and the integration of sustainable practices into many settings.


In addition to the overarching values of KGCOE and RIT, ISE is founded on the following values:

Student Centered:  Our department makes decisions and behaves in a manner that demonstrates the primary importance of our students’ needs and interests.

Community:  Our department is a close-knit community characterized by respect for our differences, inclusion of a diverse set of ideas and people, and friendly collaboration among the faculty, staff, and students.

Teaching Excellence:  We demonstrate continuous excellence and innovation in how we deliver classes to our students, and the support we provide our students outside of class.

Experiential Learning: We provide experiential learning throughout our undergraduate and graduate curricula via co-op, relevant projects, and practical experiences in our state-of-the-art labs.

Practical Research:  Our innovative research makes an impact on the outside world, both directly through its application, and for our students via project opportunities and incorporation into our courses.

Innovation:  Our teaching and research are characterized by new ideas and approaches, as well as a willingness to take risks.

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