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Submit a Job Request

This process is followed for potential new jobs. While many of the steps are general in scope, this process is mainly for people affiliated with RIT. If you are external to RIT, and would like to submit a job for a quote, please scroll to the bottom of this page and click "Submit Job Request".

1. Determine you have a job that can potentially be made in the Brinkman Lab.

2. Consult with ISE or ME advisors.

These consultations serve as a starting point on feasibility of part creation. It is also a time to determine whether to have your job created in the Brinkman Lab or in the manual machine shop. 

We have also set aside time each week to meet with you to answer questions about your potential job. If you would like to meet during one of these times, please email us at with a time and date you would like to meet:

Spring Quarter (20083)
Thursday: 10AM-12PM
Friday: 1PM-4PM

3. Read guidelines for new jobs.

The Brinkman Lab has set up guidelines for job submittals. These guidelines set a framework for what we require to complete your job. Click here to read the guidelines so that you are in compliance when you are ready to submit a job request.

Note: While submitting a solid model is not required, it will make part creation much simpler as we will use this model to create toolpaths. If the part you created was drawn only in 2D, please submit a CAD file with your job submittal request (DXF or DWG)

Solid Model Checklist:

  • Is submitted in .IGES file format (surfaces and edges/wireframe)
  • Units and scale are correct (inches are inches, millimeters are millimeters, etc)
  • Solid Model reflects what is to be made, or noted otherwise.

Digital Print Checklist:

  • Is submitted in .PDF, .DOC, .DXF, .DWG file format
  • Title block with name of part.
  • Quantity of each part is clearly marked on each drawing.
  • Material of each part is clearly marked.
  • Tolerances are clearly marked and standardized (For some information on general geometric dimensioning and tolerancing click here

4.  Email job requests to

  Rochester Institute of Technology
One Lomb Memorial Drive,
Rochester, NY 14623-5603
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