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Computer Tools Lab


The Computer Tools Lab (CTL) functions to support the computing needs of the ISE students. Students use this lab as a general purpose lab to do academic assignments that require the use of computers. It is currently also used for the educating and teaching of students in the use of PC-based engineering and design software, as well as more basic programs. As the educational-based computing needs of the department continue to grow, the transformation of the ASI lab will allow the CTL to become a 24/7 open-access resource for students.

Current State/Equipment. The lab is approximately 900 square feet and functions as both an open lab as well as an instructional area for students to work on assignments.  As mentioned in Section 7, there are currently 30 Intel Core i7-3770 CPU @ 3.4 GHz 16GB RAM with required software, including an instructor station.  The lab also contains a laser printer and scanners for student use.

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