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Dual Degree - ME in Systems Engineering

Over and above the fact that students are able to complete their Bachelor and Master degrees in an accelerated manner, these dual programs offer a unique opportunity for outstanding undergraduate students to pursue. The combination of these programs provides a synergy that allows students to apply their learning between programs. For example, these programs will allow students to work through the thesis or capstone project process, that includes experiences that undergraduate students are not typically well-versed in, while completing undergraduate coursework (e.g., problem definition of ill-defined problems). Students can then apply these experiences towards some of their higher-level undergraduate courses (e.g., engineering design, project design), that require some of the same skills, and obtain a better understanding and appreciation for these undergraduate courses.

The Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering program concentrates on the IE courses that cover the science and technologies of decision making in a complex world. The optimization of the system rather than the subsystem is the overall objective of a systems engineer. Systems Engineering is concerned with improving the decision making process by utilizing statistics, simulation, optimization and computer science skills to enhance the design, control, operation and understanding of systems. This is a discipline that has shown rapid growth in both its development and recognition as a distinct field of engineering. Systems Engineering skills are becoming increasingly important within the local, industrial community as an aid to management seeking to respond to increasing competitive pressures. The program has flexibility in order to allow students to focus their course of study on various application domains. These application domains have common needs in many areas of systems engineering, but some unique ones as well.

Details about admission and graduation requirements for the BSIE/Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering Dual Degree Program are available below in the BSIE/MESE Graduate Manual document (right click + save as):

BSIE/MESE Graduate Manual (46kb)

BSIE/MESE Plan of Study Form (18kb)