This multidisciplinary minor is aimed at students interested in exploring issues associated with developing and delivering sustainable product systems. Courses in the minor enhance understanding of the three dimensions of sustainability (economic, ethical, environmental), develop awareness of the need for more sustainable approaches to product development, and explore strategies for developing and delivering sustainable product systems.
All matriculated undergraduates in engineering, engineering technology, and students with appropriate background training (i.e. consistent with requirements).
The Sustainable Product Development minor consists of 20 credit hours, three core courses and two elective courses. One of the electives must be a Social Context elective.

Industrial Engineering students, who complete the Engineering Economy course as part of their regular program of study, must substitute a Technical Elective for 0303-520. Mechanical Engineering students must select one course from the available Technical Electives.

Other courses may be appropriate, with minor advisor approval. Additionally, as appropriate courses are added to the RIT portfolio, they may be added to this list of electives.
Interested students must see Dr. Brian Thorn ( in Industrial and Systems Engineering for registration into the minor.
Core Courses
Code Course Quarter Credit Hours Pre-Requisites
0303-520/620 Engineering Economy (or equivalent) Fall / Spring 4
0303-790 Fundamentals of Sustainable Engineering Fall 4
0303-791 Intro to Life Cycle Assessment and Costing Spring 4 0303-790 / 0303-520/620

Social Context Electives
Code Course Quarter Credit Hours Pre-Requisites
0102-710 Managing for Environmental Sustainability Spring 4 Permission
0508-211 Science, Technology, and Values Fall 4
0508-212 Intro. to Environmental Studies Fall / Winter 4
0508-441 Science and Technology Policy Winter 4
0508-443 Face of the Land Occasionally 4
0508-444 Social Consequences of Technology Fall / Winter / Spring 4
0508-460 Environment and Society Fall / Winter / Spring 4
0508-463/4 Great Lakes I/II Fall / Winter 4
0508-482 Energy and the Environment Winter / Spring 4
0508-483 Environmental Values Spring 4
0508-484 Environmental Policy Fall / Winter / Spring 4
0508-490 Biodiversity and Society Fall / Alternate years 4
0521-408 Tech Innovation and Public Policy Spring 4 0521-400 or permission
0521-451 Energy Policy Spring 4

Technical Electives
Code Course Quarter Credit Hours Pre-Requisites
0303-792 Design for the Environment Winter 4 0304-343 / 0304-344 (or equiv.)
0304-460 Contemporary Issues in Energy and the Environment Winter 4 3rd yr. Engineering standing
0304-710 Fuel Cell Technology Winter 4 Permission
0633-465 Product Stewardship Fall 4 Permission
0630-521 Environment, Health, and Safety for Eng. Tech. Winter 4
0630-350 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Winter / Spring 4
0630-352 Industrial Wastewater Management Fall / Winter 4
0630-354 Air Emissions Management Fall / Winter 4