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Kanika Wright

Eastman Kodak Company
Project Excellence Engineer for the Health Imaging Division

As an undergraduate student, the thought of working for a company leading in 'innovative breakthroughs and cutting-edge technology', like Eastman Kodak Company, was just a dream. Today, it is my reality. I am a Project Excellence Engineer for the Health Imaging Division at Eastman Kodak Company, where I specialize in lean manufacturing and implementing 'KOS'-the Kodak Operating System (Kodak's version of Toyota Production System), as well as provide Industrial Engineering support to the manufacturing area.

R.I.T's Industrial Engineering program equipped me with the skills necessary to obtain the job I have today. The connection between theory and application was achieved through a balance in classroom lectures and hands-on lab work/simulations. The IE department was moderately sized which enabled me to get to know my graduating class and professors pretty well. R.I.T also has various facilities on campus that offer assistance to students academically and with their career. The Co-op office served to be an essential avenue on my journey to success.

Eastman Kodak Company's partner with R.I.T for acquiring co-op students allowed me to fulfill most of my co-op blocks at Kodak, as well as work part-time to complete projects while attending class. It was during my Co-ops at Eastman Kodak that I was able to establish a network with other professionals, specifically Industrial Engineers, put my classroom knowledge into practice, and gain valuable insight about the company as well as my career.

My involvement in on-campus activities proved to be beneficial once I began my career at Kodak. I participate on various planning committees for special events held at Kodak through our Employee Networks. My role in various leadership positions in a variety of organizations/clubs at R.I.T also helped me develop the skills necessary to lead teams at Kodak.
Most recently, I became a member of Kodak's Vertical Slice team, which is a small group of Kodak and R.I.T professionals that plan events and programs that are key in maintaining a relationship between R.I.T's faculty and students and Eastman Kodak Company.

In a world that is ever changing, my knowledge and experience gained in my five years at RIT coupled with three years of valuable work experience at Kodak has given me the confidence and determination to succeed in today's environment.

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