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Creating High-Quality, Cost-Effective Products and Systems

Industrial engineers design, optimize, and manage the process by which products are made in manufacturing plants or the ways services are delivered in industries such as banking, health care, or entertainment and amusement. Industrial engineers ensure high-quality products and services are delivered in a cost-effective manner. See Co-Ops and Careers for more details.

Industrial engineering is ideal if you enjoy both technology and working with people. Industrial engineers frequently spend as much time interacting with other engineers and product users as they do at their desks and computers. Typical computer work involves developing applied computer-based simulations of processes to evaluate overall system efficiency. Among the engineering disciplines, industrial engineering offers you a significant opportunity for job diversity.

Be prepared for a flexible long-term career. Employers have consistently praised the quality of RIT industrial engineering graduates, noting that the range of their abilities includes both technological knowledge and "people" skills. RIT industrial engineering graduates have used their technical base as a spring-board to careers in management, consulting, medicine, law, sales, manufacturing, computer programming, and teaching.

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