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The strategic priorities for the Mechanical Engineering Department (ME)

Vision:  The mechanical engineering department at RIT will be established as one of the top 25 ME programs first in the nation, and then in the world.  

Goals: In pursuit of our vision, the ME department goals are to:

  • Demonstrate a revolutionary advance in engineering education whereby we turn every entering student into graduates who achieve outstanding success
  • Provide solutions to three compelling problems of national and global significance.
  • Other ME departments must emulate us. We must disseminate our model of education and research, and become the role model to which other institutions aspire.

The Program Educational Objectives of the Bachelor of Science degree program in mechanical engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology are to have graduates who will:

  • practice mechanical engineering through the application of the fundamental knowledge, skills, and tools of mechanical engineering.
  • enhance their skills through formal education and training, independent inquiry, and professional development.
  • work independently as well as collaboratively with others, while demonstrating the professional and ethical responsibilities of the engineering profession.
  • successfully pursue graduate degrees at the Master’s and/or Ph.D. level, should they choose.

The ME Department achieves these objectives by:

  • Integrating cooperative education into the program for all students,
  • Providing a strong foundation in mathematics and science with a balance between liberal studies and technical courses,
  • Establishing balance between the engineering science, an appropriate computational experience, experimental work, and engineering design components of the program,
  • Incorporating a strong laboratory component in the program with outstanding laboratory facilities,
  • Having a diverse faculty committed to engineering education,
  • Making available a combined BS and Masters option to academically stronger students.  This option allows a student to complete the requirements of both the BS and Masters degrees in a five-year period.  A student in this option completes four co-op work-blocks, and three courses count toward both BS and Masters degrees.
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