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Recommended Gifts for HS Grads

High School Graduate Gift Ideas

Looking for some ideas for that High School Graduate? We have a number of suggestions for you!  Please don't feel that your son or daughter must have all of these items -- we just thought you might like some suggestions based on feedback we have gotten from current students.

Digital Verniers

Hello, my name is Dave Hathaway, and I am the facilities manager for the mechanical engineering department. I'll be getting to know your sons and daughters during their first year on campus, when they complete a course in Engineering Design Tools.

I recommend that a set of digital verniers is a great idea for a high school graduation gift and very apropos for an aspiring mechanical engineer. We supply a dial vernier for use in lab, but a personalized  tool like this could be a lifetime present. Your son or daughter will use it in Materials Processing and Design Graphics, and whenever he or she works in the shop as well as for personal measuring applications. So, some purchasing tips; you'll want a set that has the metric/inch dual capability. In terms of manufacturers, the difference in quality and price is vast but it is definitely a "get what you pay for" situation. My personal recommendations, depending on what you wish to spend, would be Brown and Sharpe, then Starrett , and finally Mitutoyo. Verniers commonly  come in six or eight inch measuring lengths. Ideally, I'd buy 8" Brown and Sharpe or Starrett if available. If these are unavailable, or out of your price range, then drop to 6" of the same manufacturers. The tool should have the student's name engraved on it, to personalize the gift.

Computers and Office Accessories

  • ME Department Computer Recommendations
  • USB Flash or Jump drive
  • Computer Printer, Paper, and Ink Cartridges
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Desk Supplies (Scissors, stapler, tape, post-it notes, paper clips, etc.)
  • Desk Lamp
  • Bulletin Board
  • Clock Radio and Alarm
  • Day Planner or Organizer
  • High Quality Mechanical Pencil
  • Digital Camera


Engineers wear Orange! Engineering graduate hoods (that are placed on students when they earn an advanced degree) are orange by tradition, and our students often wear orange at events like Engineering Day!

You may wish to order RIT imprinted apparel or other gifts from Barnes and Noble at RIT, our bookstore. They have a great selection of hats, shirts, hoodies, and mugs for all the members of your family!

Living in the Dorms?

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